Our Services

It is important for the Ship Owners, Ship Managers and Masters of vessels to make high-level decision-making in order to maximise gains. As a professional shipping agent, we diligently track, monitor and assess the daily port information on behalf of them, assist them in minimising the waiting time of their vessels.

With our experience, expertise in interpreting the significance of timing and resources, combined with the quality of personal communication between our personnel and our clients, RICHELM is also able to offer professional advice and services on commercial activities to ships, including:        

  • Chartering and contract negotiations
  • Liaison with agents, brokers and shippers
  • Voyage estimates and demurrage calculations
  • Matters relating to port disbursements
  • Documentation work for shippers and importers
  • Arrangement for the loading and discharging of ship’s cargo
  • Matters relating to the arrival permit, departure permit, ship husbanding, bunkering, issuance of Bills of Lading and claims

In the areas of ship clearance, husbandry, RICHELM is committed to provide the following services to the Principal:

  • To ensure smooth operation execution when ships are docked at port
  • To assist the Master on inward-outward procedures, formalities, provisions supply, ship’s spares delivery, bunker supply, crew matters, medical treatment, renewing ship’s articles, certificates, cash advances and other requirements
  • To liaise closely with terminal/port authority and Master on the ship preparation at load/discharge port
  • To update Ship Owners and/or Master on the port regulations, procedures and formalities
  • To report to the Ship owners on any incident incur on/to the ship or crew members
  • To have close contact with the Charterer’s on the ship status and condition
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